The National Headache Foundation supports research in the field of headache and pain as part of our mission, which also includes offering education and information to people living with migraine disease and headache disorders.

The NHF has provided more than $2 million in 215 research grants to physicians and scientists working in the field of headache medicine. These research studies have resulted in more than $10 million of subsequent funding from the National Institutes of Health. 

Research Proposals

NHF will provide up to $100,000 in grants During the upcoming grant cycle. If the proposals submitted warrant such consideration, the foundation may also choose to award multiple smaller grants (less than $100,000) to maximize results from our research funding. This will be at the discretion of the research steering committee, whose decisions are final.

The Foundation will award one or more research grants in its 2023 funding cycle. Experienced researchers and research organizations are encouraged to apply for an award by describing a worthy project, methods, statistical plan, key personnel to be involved, and a proposed budget detailing how the funds will be used to complete the said project in a timely fashion.

Preference will be given to proposals for projects which:

  • Can be completed in one year or less
  • Propose research that is patient-centric and includes patient input into the design
  • Emphasizes and leads to results that could have real-world application for headache sufferers in the near term and have potential or plans for supplemental, matching, substantial, or in-kind funding sources
  • Provides answers or solutions to real-world problems dealing with access to care, implementation of innovations in headache disorders
  • Are of sufficient rigor and quality to be worthy of publication in peer-reviewed journals

The decision regarding the award will be made by the NHF Research Steering Committee after a review of all proposals by its members. The awards will be determined by a majority vote of the committee members, and the decision will be final. Should the proposals received not meet the approval of the committee, the funding will be carried over to the next quarter continually. Once all funds for the current year are committed/awarded, further submissions will be queued until the next year’s funding is announced and made available.

Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] 
or mailed to:
Maureen Ballay
National Headache Foundation
820 N. Orleans, Suite #201
Chicago, IL 60610

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