Executive Committee

Seymour Diamond, MD

Executive Chair and Founder
Chicago, Illinois

Vincent Martin, MD

Mason, Ohio

Timothy R. Smith, MD, RPh, FACP

First Vice President
St. Louis, Missouri

Emily Kandel

Second Vice President and Fundraising Chairperson
Scarsdale, New York

Chad J. Beste

Wheaton, Illinois

Margaret Azarian, PhD

Guilford, Connecticut

Board Members

James Beasley

Turberville, South Carolina

Jan Lewis Brandes, MD

Nashville, Tennessee

Roger K. Cady, MD

Woodinville, Washington

Merle Diamond, MD, AQH

Chicago, Illinois

Tad Seifert, MD

Louisville, Kentucky

Arthur H. Elkind, M.D. (Emeritus)

New Rochelle, New York

Jill Dehlin, R.N., CHES

Lansing, Michigan

Marc D. Lefkowitz

Washington, D.C.

Honorary Board

Mark Green, M.D.

New York, New York

Janet Zlatoff-Mirsky

Santa Fe, New Mexico

K. Michael Welch, MB, ChB, FRCP

North Chicago, Illinois

Walter Stewart, PhD, MPH

Concord, California

James M. Staulcup

Batavia, Illinois

Gary E. Ruoff, MD

Kalamazoo, Michigan

A. David Rothner, MD

Cleveland, Ohio

Carol Girard-de-Frain

Miramar, Florida

Philip E. Hixon

Rancho Mirage, California

Patrick P.A. Humphrey, PhD, DSc

San Francisco, California

Paul Kandel

Scarsdale, New York

Richard B. Lipton, MD

Bronx, New York

Edmund Messina, MD

Lansing, Michigan

Ian Phillips

Ivoryton, Connecticut

NHF Executive Director

Mary Franklin

Executive Director
[email protected]

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