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Valentine’s Day is a holiday to express and share love, but it’s also full of migraine triggers. Here’s a list of gifts to avoid so you can say “I love you” without all the headache:   Perfume/cologne. This is a sweet way to help your partner feel...

We are very excited to to announce the premiere of Heads Up, the official weekly podcast of the National Headache Foundation with Vincent Martin, M.D. and Lindsay Weitzel, PhD. Episode 1: What is a migraine? Dr. Martin and Dr. Weitzel discuss what a migraine is, and whether...

Question: I used to have daily headaches with about 1 out of 5 them making me bedridden with unrelenting pain and nausea. I was taking so much over the counter medications that the neurologist believed I was having rebound headaches and I went cold turkey. After...

Question: I have a migraine every morning. I’ve had it for several months now. I’ve always had them, but not like this. I’ve noticed if I blow my nose in the middle of the night or right before bed then I wake up in the night with a...

Question: I had a terrible headache for three nights. The first night, the pain was located across my forehead. On the third night, the pain was located on the left side of my forehead and my inner ear hurt all day long. I woke up with a...

As part of its 2018 funding cycle, the National Headache Foundation has awarded a $100,000 grant to fund a nationwide study conducted by Dr. Erin Buchanan of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and Clinvest Research. The goal of the project will be to improve...

[playlist type="video" tracklist="false" ids="34663"] Watch this discussion about seasonal changes and headache with NHF Board President, Dr. Vincent Martin and Lindsay Weitzel, PhD, Migraine Strategist and Migraine Science Writer....

This #GivingTuesday, we are raising money for the National Headache Foundation's program to provide migraine survival toolkits to active members of the military and veterans. For every $20 donation, the National Headache Foundation will provide one migraine survival toolkit to an active member of the...