We are excited to announce  Migraine & Headache Awareness Month! 

Every June, the community comes together to support those living with headache and migraine disease; and educate everyone about the significant impact of these disabling disorders.

Raising awareness and empowering advocacy about headache and migraine disease is critically important. Over 42 million in the U.S. have the quality of their lives impacted both personally and professionally. One in four U.S. households include someone living with migraine disease. Nine out of ten people with migraine reported they could not “function normally” during days in which a migraine strikes. Nearly 3 in 10 require bedrest.

Join us this month in spreading the word and making a difference.

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Share Your Story

More than 42 million Americans live with migraine disease and headache disorder. People living with invisible illness often feel isolated and alone.

We want to shine a light on the millions of Americans living with invisible illness! The National Headache Foundation invites all patients and their caregivers to share their unique journey

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