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A change in seasons introduces many new environmental factors that can trigger additional migraine and headache attacks, such as cooler weather, changes in barometric pressure and humidity levels, wind and allergens. For those with a previous history of consistent head pain, these natural changes in...

Fall is upon us, which introduces an entirely new set of potential migraine and headache triggers. The National Headache Foundation spoke with Massage Therapy about the various triggers that arise in fall. You can read the full article here....

Dr. Vincent Martin, director of the Headache and Facial Pain Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute and president of the National Headache Foundation, shared headache and migraine triggers that overshadow fall. ...

The Washington Post reached out to the National Headache Foundation for comments on how migraine impacts women. Former vice president of the National Headache Foundation and honorary board member, Dr. Mark Green, talks about why migraine is more prevalent in women. You can read the...

It can be difficult to explain the excruciating pain of a migraine to those who don’t experience it. In fact, there’s a stigma attached to this disorder stemming from a lack of knowledge on the severity of symptoms associated with migraine and headache. Migraine is...

Migraine apps are an excellent way to monitor migraine triggers, share data with your doctor, and keep detailed records of headache episodes which can help provide additional insight about triggers and how to avoid them.  Patterns identified from these migraine apps may help your doctor...

Finding A New Way to Sail: My Migraine Manifesto...

Do you know a student who experiences migraine? For a limited time, get a Migraine University survival toolkit with a $10 donation to the National Headache Foundation. Each zippered canvas bag comes with an eye mask, cold/hot pack, pill holder, emergency card, and a door...

The National Headache Foundation applauds the approval and release of Teva Pharmaceutical's migraine preventive medication, Ajovy (fremenazumab), on Friday, September 14, 2018. This medication is the second in a new class of migraine preventers called CGRP monoclonal antibodies to be approved in 2018, with another...

Question: What does the peppermint and lavender oil do? I’m assuming just inhaling them to relieve some stress? Answer: While there is little academic research supporting the medicinal value of these and other essential oils, there is some clinical evidence that suggests peppermint and lavender may have therapeutic...