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Written by Seymour Diamond, M.D., Executive Chairman and Founder of National Headache Foundation, Director Emeritus and Founder of Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago. Mary A. Franklin, Executive Director of National Headache Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. As the Jewish high holidays approach in September this year, one becomes...

A powerful new digital health platform: Discover what affects the occurrence of your migraine attacks Curelator Inc. is seeking people with migraine, who experience two or more attacks per month, to try out a new version of their app, which may help them better self-manage their condition. Instead...

Join the Global Healthy Living Foundation's 50-State Network of patient advocates (over 1,000 strong). Learn how to share your stories to create effective change.  Visibility is key to reducing stigma. The more people see us, the less they can ignore us. But the work for better...

I first began experiencing migraine attacks when I was 8 years old. Today, at age 27, I remember my first migraine attack clear as day. I was in grade school and I just could not describe the extent of the head pain I was experiencing....

As I was prompted by my mother to write about my experience with migraine, I am suffering from one currently. I am chugging water with drips of ginger essential oil and peppermint to curb the severe nausea but I will ultimately have to take my...

Join the National Headache Foundation as we take part in Pain Awareness Month 2018, a month-long initiative to provide support to and bring awareness around the 100 million American adults who are effected by chronic pain. "As the country's largest and longest-standing patient organization for headache...

Be recognized for your abilities in headache medicine by getting certified. Those interested in taking the National Headache Foundation's Certificate in Added Qualification in Headache Medicine exam should contact us now. CAQ Examination dates are September 17 – October 1, 2018.  Call 312-274-2650 or click...

Dr. Vincent Martin, president of the National Headache Foundation, spoke to about nine triggers that could cause a headache. Click here to read the full article....