These three tests can help you communicate the severity of your headache pain to your doctor and/or help you identify a migraine. If you need a diagnosis or are seeking treatment, please visit our Provider Finder page to locate a healthcare provider in your area.

HIT stands for Headache Impact Test. This tool helps patients communicate the severity of their headache pain to their healthcare provider. It helps to:

  • Determine the impact headaches have on the patient’s life
  • Better communicate the information to the healthcare provider
  • Track the patient’s headache history and the effectiveness of therapy over time

When a healthcare provider understands how headaches are affecting their patient, they are better able to provide a successful treatment program.

Healthcare providers should evaluate the following symptoms to determine if a patient has migraine:

  • Visual distortions such as blind spots, flashes of light and zigzag lines
  • Motor weakness
  • Disruption to sensory symptoms such as smell, taste or touch
  • Temporary loss of ability to speak or understand speech
  • Temporary lack of coordination or control of arms and legs
  • Vertigo
  • Unilateral headache pain
  • Pulsating headache
  • Aggravation of headache by routine physical activity
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light and/or sound
  • Moderate to severe pain intensity

Download the test by clicking here

MIDAS stands for Migraine Disability Assessment Questionnaire. It was developed to measure headache-related disability in three areas:

  • Paid work and education (school/college)
  • Household work
  • Family, social and leisure activities

By measuring the number of days missed in these activity areas due to migraine, the MIDAS tool can “improve migraine care by getting treatment right the first time a patient consults” with his or her healthcare provider.

The MIDAS score looks at the patients’ medical needs and helps the healthcare provider to determine the appropriate treatment at the first consultation.

Download the test by clicking here

Answering “yes” to two out of three of these simple questions effectively identifies migraine sufferers.

  • Has a headache limited your activities for a day or more in the last three months?
  • Are you nauseated or sick to your stomach when you have a headache?
  • Does light bother you when you have a headache?

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