The National Headache Foundation’s Patient Leadership Council (PLC) consists of people living with migraine disease and headache disorders who are partnering with the NHF to help improve the quality of care and resources provided to patients by advising the NHF on initiatives and advocacy opportunities. By including the PLC in the decision-making process, we gain valuable insights into the patient experience. 

Thank you to our PLC Members!

Jill Dehlin, R.N., CHES, Director of the PLC, NHF board member

Kelly Amspacher, MSN

Elizabeth Arant, MSN RN

Elizabeth Biddle, PhD

Nancy Harris Bonk

Eileen Brewer

Ashley Hattle-Cleminshaw

Julie Fleck, RN

Danielle Newport Fancher

Jaime M. Sanders

Nathan Schreck

Ronetta Stokes

JP Summers 

Michele Vargas

Bob Wold