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We are sooooo excited about this episode of Heads UP! Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomes the Dizzy Cook, Alicia Wolf. Alicia shows us how to make the perfect migraine-friendly soup for the holidays.

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Heads UP – Episode 102: Anti Inflammation Diet and Migraine

What is considered an anti-inflammatory diet? How does inflammation contribute to migraine? Did you know a study was just published in the British Medical Journal that found a significant reduction in migraine frequency with a specific dietary intervention? Dr. Amelia…

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Migraine, Gut Health, and Probiotic Nutrition

In recent years, a new, heightened emphasis on the importance of “gut microbes” and “probiotics” has entered the public’s collective health consciousness. In addition to the rise of fermented, probiotic-friendly foods/drinks like kimchi, kefir, and kombucha, significant advancements in the…

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Headfirst Newsletter Feb 2021 Cover

February 2021 HEADFIRST Newsletter


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Headfirst Newsletter Jan 2021 Cover

January 2021 HEADFIRST Newsletter

NHF- January 2021 Newsletter

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Ask The Expert: Weight Loss Programs with Chronic Migraine

QUESTION: I gained a lot of weight after my two pregnancies and I want to get healthier in 2021, but I live with chronic migraines. Can you tell me the best diet and exercise program for someone who has a…

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Heads UP – Episode 82: Resolutions and Goal Setting

Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Dawn Buse discuss the best practices for making resolutions and the challenges of goal setting when you live with chronic migraine and headache disorders. Read: New Year’s Resolutions for People with Migraine Disease and Headache…

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Headfirst Newsletter Dec 2020 Cover

December 2020 HEADFIRST Newsletter

NHF – December 2020 Newsletter

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Heads UP – Episode 49: Caffeine and Migraine

Drs. Rachel Colman and Lindsay Weitzel discuss why caffeine can lead to more migraine in some people, and why sometimes it does help people in the acute headache phase. She also gives us tips on decreasing our caffeine intake without…

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Diet for People with Headache Disorders

The first step in the nutritional management of diet-triggered headaches is eating a well-balanced diet. It is especially important to eat three meals a day with a snack at night or 6 small meals spread through out the day.  You…

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Migraine Attacks and Diet Triggers

Jill Dehlin—RN, board member, National Headache Foundation, Chicago—identifies potential dietary triggers that induce a migraine attack for her, including monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame and alcohol, especially red wine. “When I was newly diagnosed with chronic migraine disease, I was cognizant…

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Low-Tyramine Diet for Migraine Disease

Tyramine is produced in foods from the natural breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine. Tyramine is not added to foods. Tyramine levels increase in foods when they are aged, fermented, stored for long periods of time, or are not fresh….

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