I’ve posted a link to a video blog (see below) sharing my story of living with chronic cluster headaches. In short, however, my message: “Do what you can with what you have; don’t give up; and be your own advocate.” In my video, I recall the moment I knew my “headache” was more than a headache. My journey is one of researching symptoms; seeking providers; asking questions; advocating for my wellbeing. I continually learn to listen to my “gut” and set aside the fear of what friends and physicians “think” of me as I seek solutions to manage pain and live as full a life as possible. It’s not easy. I cry; I vent; I try again. I am a 40-year-old attorney, teacher, and wellbeing professional who continues to model, paint, and exercise.

I started my own company, Liv Balanced, LLC, to share my skills and knowledge in wellbeing and law to encourage others to create and fully live. I believe we positively affect others if we remain flexible, vulnerable, and genuine.  I advocate for lawyer wellbeing through research into loneliness, a realm familiar to those living with clusters and other forms of severe headache. The best I can do is seek to live a balanced life, including management of work obligations, pain, medication, and recreation. I hope my message rings true for those managing chronic headaches; sharing our stories creates support and strength.


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