Operation Brainstorm™ from the National Headache Foundation (NHF) is a health resource initiative for the military community: veterans, active-duty, families, and loved ones living with migraine disease and headache disorders.

Operation Brainstorm is developing a robust online educational, awareness, and navigation to care hub to house tools and resources customized for and with the military community. 

Healthcare professionals within the VA system will receive CME programs, tools, and resources to optimize the care of the patients they serve.

The six Veterans Services Organizations will be an integral part of Operation Brainstorm. Targeted city post commanders will be identified to support listening tours, educational forums, and panel discussions bringing veterans together to learn about migraine disease and headache disorders. 

Through this program, Operation Brainstorm will reach and support millions in the military community.

Headache Centers of Excellence Program

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) established the Headache Centers of Excellence (HCoE) Program as a response to VA Public Law 115-141 (Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 2018; Division J of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018). 

The VHA recognized that over 350,000 Veterans sustained traumatic brain injury (TBI) during the Global War on Terror. It also recognized that chronic migraine/post-traumatic headache is the signature symptom of TBI. Posttraumatic headaches occur in up to 92% of military personnel who have sustained mild TBI and is associated with chronic daily headaches.

The prevalence of chronic daily headaches in returning soldiers after a deployment-related concussion is 20% higher than that seen in the general U.S. population.

The mission for the HCoE clinical care team is to provide quality headache care to Veterans. Treatments options take a holistic approach, and are dependent on the individual needs and preferences of the Veteran. 

This can include both medication and non-medication options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, physical modalities, neuromodulation devices, physical therapy, exercise, sleep, diet and nutrition changes.

The HCoE is also heavily involved in the VA Whole Health Initiative, which focuses on utilizing complementary and integrative health and encouraging patient self-management.

The HCoE Program's scope includes:

  • Clinical care: Providing specialized care for Veterans with history of traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic headache, or refractory headaches.
    • Interdisciplinary care teams with access to a headache medicine-trained practitioner.
    • Telehealth options to support the veteran where they are.
  • Research: Conducting studies on various types of headaches, including migraine, posttraumatic, and headache related to TBI.
  • Education: Training physicians in headache treatments and educating the public.


Migraine Tracking Apps

Migraine Buddy

Learn and communicate about your condition; free on iPhone and Android.

Migraine Monitor

Track your headaches and share the information with your provider; free on iPhone and Android.

Health Storylines

Store and track information on your medications, symptoms, mood, weight, blood pressure and more; free on iPhone and Android.

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