National Headache Foundation efforts will focus on policy and programs that ensure that the headache and migraine community has timely, easy and efficient access to high-quality essential healthcare services, information, and resources appropriate to meet their health care needs.

NHF will pursue strategies that identify areas for improvement, and inequalities in system processes in order to optimize patient access to care for everyone.

Access to health care consists of four components (Healthy People 2020 and 2023*):

       1. Coverage: Affordable insurance that allows for entry into the health care system.

       2. Services: Readily available source, place, practitioner services correlating with better health outcomes, fewer disparities, and lower costs.

       3. Timeliness: Services provided when needed for timely care and treatment

       4. Healthcare Practitioners: Capable, qualified, well-distributed providers; Organizational capacity to support culturally competent services and ongoing improvement efforts.

By collaborating with patients and caregivers, healthcare practitioners, policymakers, and public and private payers,  , NHF will strive to close the gap between the patient and the many pieces of the healthcare puzzle.  Where every individual can receive the necessary treatment and resources to manage their condition effectively.

Discover how our connections are driving change and will result in lasting impact.

Ensuring Faster Access to Effective Medications

SAFE STEP Act is designed to provide patients, including those in the headache community, with quicker and more reliable access to the medications prescribed by their healthcare providers, reducing the burden of ineffective treatments and improving overall patient care and outcomes.

Ensuring Inclusive Research

NIH Clinical Trial Diversity Act plays a crucial role in promoting inclusivity and equity in headache research, leading to better understanding, treatment, and outcomes for individuals across diverse demographic groups affected by headache disorders.

Robust Funding for Veterans and Headache Care

With over 1.99 million veterans receiving headache care in 2023, it’s evident that the need for expanded services is pressing. The call for funding expansion seeks to equip all VA Headache Centers of Excellence (HCoE) programs with comprehensive services to ensure high-quality care provision and increased accessibility, ultimately enhancing veterans’ overall well-being.

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