Telling the story of my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) caused migraines is like telling the story of a tsunami!

At one time they were predictable but not now, and sometimes nausea even accompanies them. The headaches, which began as the result of an injury in February 1995, come like natural phenomena or weather patterns that sap my energy and leave me so weak that sometimes understandable and clear thought is a bit tricky. I have been prescribed medications and I take over the counter sometimes, too. After all this drama with the complicated headaches and different stages of pain, I feel just plain sick, and then guilty for being sick! (I’ve always felt guilty after sickness-it’s something psychological with me). I usually have a week or two until I’m sick again (with a headache) and where I just live my life as usual. Other people have been mostly respectful when I need time alone.