I get migraines about twice a week, especially when there is a change in the weather. I usually wake up with it. So of course my head is throbbing, and the need to vomit forces me to get up. Once I am up, I cannot lay back down, because by head feels like it is going to explode if I lay it down on the pillow. So I usually just stay in the bathroom with a pillow against the wall. The doctor has given medication to take to stop the nausea, once that is gone, I will take an Imitrex. It usually requires me to take another one two hours later, and before the heads subsides a little, but it really does not totally go away.

Sometimes I can have a migraine linger for two to three days before it is totally gone. It does affect my work, because of course the first day I really can’t drive because my eye sight is so blurry and the nausea. But they cause me to miss at least four days a month of work, which makes me fear that I am going to lose my job. My doctor has tried me on Lyrica, and Topamax to try to decrease the amount of headaches. The Lyrica worked for a few months. I was taken 150mgs twice a day, but eventually it wasn’t working any more. So then it was Topamax, but that caused me to develop kidney stones, so I had to stop taking that.

Anyway, I have been dealing with migraines as long as I can remember. My mother & Grandmother also suffered from them.