My name is Debbie and I am from Dayton, Ohio. I am 55 years old, a holistic health care practitioner, and have been living with migraine headaches for over 27 years. I have tried every recommendation that has crossed my path. I have tried acupuncture for months, massage on a weekly basis for 25 years, cranial sacral work, reiki, homeopathy, every known pharmaceutical (many with terrible side effects), hypnosis, dental work, teeth pulled, restrictive diets, multiple supplements, years of mental health counseling, and medical intuitives. Some things have really helped for a couple of weeks and then the headaches return with a vengeance.

I now use Fiorocet, (I have gone through detox from this three times with no real improvement in my headaches) and Neurontin on a daily basis. It makes me so sad to feel dependent on these drugs to survive, but I have thrown in the towel. I now try to not resent the drugs because I feel like it is a double negative to take them and then feel ashamed about them.

I have to say that besides this one major issue, I am generally healthy and content with my life. I have stress of course, like everybody with families and jobs. I have a very successful women’s health practice. I practice and teach yoga but I have had to learn to live with daily migraine headaches. I struggle with finding a practitioner that understands my approach to headaches. Of course, most traditional practitioners are very negative about Fiorocet. I have tried Triptans and ended up in the ER with coronary vasospasms and have been told to never use them or ergot derivatives again. I have tried every known preventative and as I said above suffered terrible side effects including wt. gain, brain fog, rashes, and worsened headaches.

I believe in a strong mind/body connection and constantly wonder what my body is trying to tell me: what is the message? My struggle with headaches has led me into alternative medicine. I have tried so many things and educated myself as best as I can. I have learned how to help myself and others with many health issues including helping other women with headaches, but not how to effectively help myself.

I definitely have come to the determination that this is my “cross to bear.” Managing my head pain is a daily part of my life. I can’t imagine a full day without it.