I am 56 years old. I had been virtually headache free until April of 2006 when I was rear ended on a freeway. At the time of the accident I thought I was OK. It wasn’t until the following Monday and I attempted to “log in” and start my work week did I realize I was not right. I had my first Migraine. The days and weeks passed and it was quite clear I could not concentrate for even short periods, as I could before, without generating a migraine. Yet, MRI and other tests did not show any irregularities. I have been seeing doctors since and have been on what seems like every drug under the sun. Nothing has helped. In fact I now get headaches every day. They generally are under severe debilitating levels but only because I limit my activities. And other times I have no control. Pressure at the temples is my first sign. Warmth behind my eyes is also a sign of a bad one. I always feel nauseous and have light sensitivity although rarely have an aura. I currently take Gabapentin and Hydroxyzine for sleep. My only pain relief is Hydrocodone, and that is marginally effective. My Dr. limits my availability to that (probably a good thing) as it sure would be an easy thing to abuse it. I have not tried anything stronger. I have lost my job/career in the Computer services industry, of 32 years in 2006, being disabled with this condition. I have a hard time finding joy in life feeling bad most of the time. My marriage is certainly stressed. The last thing I want to bring up is how rotten I feel each day. My wife does not like to talk about it.

I remember an answer I received to the question “how do people with this (disease) handle it?” The doctor replied “They just adapt to it.” So far I am having a tough time adapting. Having read some of the other posts on this, I also am looking for a magic pill to get me back where I was.