My name is Linda and I live in Maine, I am a 56-year-old female. I recently suffered a complicated migraine, which was my first one. My husband rushed me to the emergency room, where they treated me for a stroke. I was petrified, and could not speak, or move my right side. Because I have a bladder stimulator implanted in my hip area, an MRI was out of the question. They treated me with the “blaster” a new med for strokes, and after a couple of hours I got some feeling back, though the tingly feeling was still there. Following that, I was put in Special Care for 4 days and monitored; all I wanted to do was sleep. The hospital wanted to transfer me to a nursing home for rehab, but I came home and went to PT a few times, and then did the rest of the rehab on my own at home. Most of my strength came back to normal. But I suffer chronic migraines, which have hospitalized me for up to 6 days. Although this headache is a different type of pain and it is located at the base of my brain stem, in the neck area and on the left side.

My second attack was recently and sent me back to the emergency department. They again wanted to do an MRI; thank goodness my husband was with me again, as they paid no attention to my medic alert bracelet or looked at my medical records. They again wanted to give me the “blaster” and my husband said no. Finally a new Neurologist came in and he diagnosed me with a Complicated Migraine, following that I was admitted on a cautionary bases. Again all I wanted to do was sleep. They also gave me Heparin in the stomach which was wrong as I have Von William Brans Disease, I do not clot…. and have to receive Factor 8 or DDVAP on a regular basis for surgery or cuts. No call to my hematologist was made. But I was in no condition to argue.

I am scared of my future, and don’t want to be alone right now. I know deep down this is foolish, but I am scared. The fear of not talking or being able to move my right side of my body is so scary. Does anyone know of any new treatments? I am going to a Neurologist this week, and look forward to what he has to say. Being on the internet and reading about all the medical terms is much too difficult for me.