I’m 17 years old. I get migraines at least once a week.

Before my migraine: I’m perfectly fine, laughing, being my normal happy self. Then it just hits me.

During my migraine: Right now I’m pissy and moody. I’m sitting in my room in the dark like I always do. It hurts to put my head any other way besides straight forward. Sometimes they’re worse than right now, to the point where I’m crying and puking.

How others are: I had been at my boyfriend’s house on a very snowy evening while I had a headache and he couldn’t take me home because we were babysitting his little 7-year-old sister and it was way too snowy for him to drive. He was freaking out and didn’t know what to do. So I took a hot shower but it hurt too much to be in the light and standing. So I got out and lay on the couch, crying. His little sister was scared for me. So she went to bed and my boyfriend got me a hot rag to put on my head. He didn’t know what else to do than to sit there and massage my temples. My mom never knows what to do when I get my migraines. There have been multiple times she’s been tempted to take me to the E.R. since I was screaming because it hurt so badly. My mom hates when I get them because I miss school. We’ve gone to the doctor for them but all he did was prescribe something that knocks me out, and then when I wake up my headache is worse than before.

To regain control of my life: I sleep, drink coke, (my boyfriend’s step-mom said her neurologist told her to drink it when she has a headache; it actually does help take the edge off) or I lay in a dark room, avoiding all noise and light.

I hope I helped others out there who have the same problem I do, Rylie