I’ve had my headaches as long as I can remember and I am now 70. About 25 years ago, I went to a headache clinic at the University of Utah, where they diagnosed me with multiple headache syndrome, (vascular, Cluster, Migraine, and Classic Migraine) but about that time they came out with Imitrex, and the VA was able to use injections for me. Although my legs would get so sore from the shots, they got rid of the headaches and I was glad when they came out with the pills. Between the VA in Salt Lake City, Utah and the VA in Seattle, WA, as well as the University of Utah, the various physicians and healthcare professionals tried everything that was available in order to help me from getting the headaches, but nothing ever worked for very long.

I think that some of the medications would stop me from getting one type of headache, but then I would just get another type of headache. I get nine pills of 100mg Imitrex from the VA and I cut them in half, I use to get about five headaches a week, but now I’m getting more, and I’ve gone sometimes, three or four weeks with a headache every day. Then all of a sudden I’ll go seven to 10 days without one. I currently reside in Yuma, AZ, where I’m able to get Imitrex in Mexico for a ridiculously low fee, but at least I don’t run out of Imitrex.