How “Caring For Women With Migraine Benefits Everyone”

May 2024 Episode 184: In this episode of HeadWise host Lindsay Weitzel, PhD asks headache psychologist Dawn Buse, PhD, about her impactful acceptance speech for the Women’s Health Science Award from the American Headache Society titled “Caring for Women with…

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Understanding the Link Between Migraine and Depression And Strategies for Self-Care

May 2024, Episode 182: Join Lindsay Weitzel, PhD, and Dawn Buse, PhD, for a discussion on the relationship between migraine and depression. They explore how these conditions often coexist, sharing practical tips for managing symptoms. Transcript for General Depression Episode…

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What To Do When People Don’t Understand Your Disease

March 2021, Episode 90: Do you have people in your life who simply do not understand your migraine or headache disorder? These people can be family members, friends, work colleagues, or even your boss. Dr. Dawn Buse and Dr. Lindsay…

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Resolutions and Goal Setting

January 2021, Episode 82: Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Dawn Buse discuss the best practices for making resolutions and the challenges of goal setting when you live with chronic migraine and headache disorders.

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Resilience and Migraine Disease

May 2020, Episode 57: Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Resilience is one of the key components to living a successful life with migraine disease and other headache disorders. In honor of this special month, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Headache Psychologist…

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Resilience and Coping With Migraine Disorders

April 2020, Episode 53: Did you know that Resilience is a concept that has been shown to strongly benefit our health? Resilience can be taught and is so important in migraine and chronic pain. It is particularly applicable at this…

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