Fibromyalgia as a Migraine Comorbidity Part 2

May 2024, Episode 183: Host Lindsay Weitzel, PhD, asks headache specialist Vince Martin, MD, to address the questions from our audience members after our recent episode titled: Fibromyalgia as a Migraine Comorbidity. Found here: Why do we get cognitive…

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Headache and Migraine News, April 2024

April 2024, Episode 181: Tune in to this month’s HeadWise News episode with host Lindsay Weitzel, PhD and headache specialist Tim Smith, MD, as they discuss the latest in headache and migraine research. Ever wonder what type of exercise is…

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Fibromyalgia as a Migraine Comorbidity

February 2024, Episode 171: Did you know that up to 30% of people with migraine also have fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a disorder known to cause pain throughout the body, fatigue, and issues with sleep, memory, and mood. Tune in to…

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News Edition November 2022

November 2022, Episode 138: Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. discusses the details behind a number of newly published headache/migraine studies and announcements with migraine clinical trials expert Tim Smith, MD. Did you know there is a new Phase I clinical trial of…

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woman studying

College Students and Migraine Triggers

Migraine in college students is often caused by stress, anxiety, fatigue, and diet. The National Headache Foundation (NHF) supports college students who experience migraine and headache through Migraine University. The program provides advice on healthier lifestyle choices that can help…

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Get Moving: Exercise Can Help Curb Migraine Attacks

By Cara Munez, HealthDay Anyone who gets frequent migraine symptoms knows the experience: the throbbing, the pain, the visual disturbances. Exercise has long been a potential way to reduce migraine triggers, but a new study suggests it could be especially…

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Headfirst Newsletter Jan 2021 Cover

January 2021 HEADFIRST Newsletter

NHF- January 2021 Newsletter

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Resolutions and Goal Setting

January 2021, Episode 82: Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Dawn Buse discuss the best practices for making resolutions and the challenges of goal setting when you live with chronic migraine and headache disorders.

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Migraine for Yoga

July 2020, Episode 67: Does yoga help your migraine disorder? Has it ever made it worse? A recent study published in Neurology showed that yoga can decrease the frequency and severity of migraine attacks when it is used as part…

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