Migraine and Headache Care for Veterans

February 2023, Episode 147: Veterans are disproportionately affected by headache disorders. Dr. Jason Sico, National Director of the VA Headache Centers of Excellence, talks to Dr. Lindsay Weitzel about Operation Brainstorm – a new initiative for veterans sponsored by the…

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Healthy Weight, Sugar & Migraine or Did my Doctor Just Talk About Weight in My Headache Appointment?

August 2022, Episode 130: There seems to be a lot of talk lately about doctors who brought up weight within conversations about migraine treatment. This might come across as inappropriate and insensitive when we are asking for help with our…

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Migraine Medication Failures

June 2022, Episode 126: Have you had a migraine medication fail you? Or have multiple migraine medications failed you? How did it make you feel? In this episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. talks to Melissa Geraghty Psy.D. about…

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Medication Overuse Treatment Strategy Trial for Migraine and Headache

April 2022, Episode 118: The idea of medication overuse and medication overuse headache can seem almost contradictory at times. It can seem like the very medicines we were instructed to take at the onset of migraine are suddenly being blamed…

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Talking to Your Health Care Provider About Migraine

March 2022, Episode 117: This week’s episode of Heads UP is on How to Talk to Your Health Care Provider About Migraine. This episode has something for everyone. Are you someone who has head pain that is interfering with your…

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Treating Migraine With Infusions

March 2022, Episode 116: In this week’s episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. discusses infusions with Dr. Merle Diamond, MD. What infusions are used to break a migraine cycle and why? What medicines are sometimes added together in the…

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think talk treat migraine

Think Talk Treat Migraine

March 2022, Episode 114: Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomed Dr. Bert Vargas to discuss Think Talk Treat Migraine (or the T3 Program for short) sponsored by Eli Lilly. It is a well-documented fact that migraine is an underdiagnosed condition and that…

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Important Information for Parents, Students and Teachers About Managing Migraine at School

February 2022, Episode 113: The Migraine at School Program is in place to make sure every student has the opportunity to flourish at school. In this week’s episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. chats with Amy Graham and Elizabeth…

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Access to Care – A Discussion on the NHF’s Position Statement on Migraine Treatment

February 2022, Episode 112: For too long, migraine patients have been treated differently than others with medical issues as it relates to access to prescription medications. The National Headache Foundation advocates that payers adopt care models that are patient-centric, where…

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Advocacy and Your Wellness Plan

November 2021, Episode 107: Can Advocacy be part of your wellness plan? What if you are currently not healthy enough to be an advocate? What does advocacy mean to you and what is the path to migraine, headache, or chronic…

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Celebrating 100 Episodes

September 2021, Episode 100: Join the host of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel, as she looks back at her favorite moments from the past 100 episodes. Linda Summerfield joins Lindsay to share clips from episodes with Dr. Vincent Martin, Dr….

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glymphatic-System stock photo

The Glymphatic System

July 2021, Episode 99: The glymphatic system is a network of vessels that clear waste from the central nervous system, mostly during sleep. Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D., and Amelia Barrett, MD discuss the glymphatic system and its role in migraine, idiopathic…

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