How Can a Pain Psychologist Help Me with My Migraine or Other Headache Disorder?

February 2024, Episode 174: How can people with chronic migraine or other debilitating headache conditions benefit from a pain psychologist? In this week’s episode of HeadWise, Lindsay Weitzel, PhD asks Dawn Buse, PhD, pain psychologist specializing in headache, to lift…

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Self-Care for People with Headache and Migraine Disorders

December 2023, Episode 167: As a person with migraine or other headache disorder do you feel that you have to try so hard to keep up with work, family life, and all the “need to do” things in life that…

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Suicide Ideation with Headache and Migraine Disorders

September 2023, Episode 162: Suicide Ideation In this week’s episode of HeadWise, Dawn Buse, PhD and Lindsay Weitzel, PhD, discuss the topic of suicide ideation, migraine, and headache disorders. – What types of thoughts and signs should we be on…

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Why Do I Have Migraine or Why Does My Head Hurt so Bad?

September 2022, Episode 133: Lindsay Weitzel, PhD, and Amelia Scott Barrett, MD, discuss why we get migraine and where it starts. Can we reverse course through medications, lifestyle, diet, or even our thoughts and mentality to change our migraine and…

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Stuck in Bed With Migraine

August 2022, Episode 131: It is normal for our thoughts to try and dip low when we are stuck in bed or in a dark room with a bad migraine. But did you know that our mood and our thoughts…

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Medical Gaslighting – It’s not in your head!

May 2022, Episode 123: Medical Gaslighting What is Medical Gaslighting? If you have migraine or another chronic pain condition, chances are you have experienced medical gaslighting. Medical gaslighting can result in a form of medical trauma, and it can alter…

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Migraine Disease and Anxiety

June 2020, Episode 62: Did you know that people living with migraine disease are more likely to experience anxiety and depression? Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Vincent Martin discuss the relationship between migraine and anxiety.

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Migraine and Mental Health Awareness

May 2020, Episode 58: In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel gets the patient perspective from The Migraine Diva, Jaime Sanders. They discuss coping with the depression and anxiety that can so often accompany chronic migraine.

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Resilience and Migraine Disease

May 2020, Episode 57: Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Resilience is one of the key components to living a successful life with migraine disease and other headache disorders. In honor of this special month, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Headache Psychologist…

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Resilience and Coping With Migraine Disorders

April 2020, Episode 53: Did you know that Resilience is a concept that has been shown to strongly benefit our health? Resilience can be taught and is so important in migraine and chronic pain. It is particularly applicable at this…

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Childhood Abuse and Migraine Disease

January 2020, Episode 42: Dr. Gretchen Tietjen joined Dr. Lindsay Weitzel to discuss childhood abuse and the development of migraine disease. Click this link to read about Dr. Tietjen’s groundbreaking research on the link between adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and…

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Cognitive Therapies and Migraine

January 2020, Episode 40: Drs. Lindsay Weitzel and Elizabeth Seng continue their series on Behavioral Therapies and Migraine Disease with a discussion on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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