Q. I have had migraines for over 20 years. For many years now I have been on a beta-blocker for preventive therapy as I failed to tolerate Imitrex® or Topamax®. My headaches usually begin after excessive stress and fatigue, but can occur anytime. In spite of having a very healthy lifestyle, I still have migraines at least twice a month, which unfailingly last three days. Do you have any other ideas for me?

Preventative Therapies for Headache Treatment

Q. What percentage of the population does not respond well to preventatives? I’m 42 and have been trying preventives since I was 20 and nothing has worked. I am on topomax for the 2nd go around and I am still using Zomig 2 times a week and having to rely on Ultram on top of that every week. It seems from reading the blogs there is a bunch of us for whom the preventatives hasn’t panned out. I feel like a human guinea pig. I’ve been to neurologist #8 and she says “we have to think outside the box for you”. The last neurologist says “Western medicine has failed you”. Yes, yes and yes. But they don’t know what to do with us. I am frustrated beyond words. My migraines are barely manageable. May 21 and I have had 4 days without medicine to treat headache. I have to work. I have to have a life. I have tried everything and nothing is working.

Midrin is used for abortive relief of migraine and tension headaches. It is a combination medication containing isometheptene (vascular constrictor), acetaminophen (analgesic), and dichloralphenazone (mild sedative). Midrin is effective for patients with migraine, and especially when taken early in the attack. It can produce rebound headaches...