Dizziness, Vertigo, Lightheadedness? Maybe Vestibular Migraine

April 2024, Episode 180: Learn about the distinct symptoms, diagnostic criteria, and treatment options for vestibular migraine. Gain useful insights into its differentiation from other vestibular disorders like Meniere’s disease and BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). This episode explores the common…

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Cooking With The Dizzy Cook

December 2022, Episode 142: Our friend The Dizzy Cook (Alicia Wolf) has a new cookbook out called The Mediterranean Migraine Diet: A Science-Based Roadmap to Control Symptoms and Transform Brain Health. On this week’s episode, Alicia shows us how to…

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Cooking for the Holidays with the Dizzy Cook

November 2021, Episode 106: We are sooooo excited about this episode of Heads UP! Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomes the Dizzy Cook, Alicia Wolf. Alicia shows us how to make the perfect migraine-friendly soup for the holidays.

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Ménière’s Disease and Migraine

January 2021, Episode 84: British singer Jessie J woke up on Christmas Eve suffering from vertigo and experiencing a significant hearing loss. The 32-year-old singer was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. Dr. Lindsay Weitzel and Dr. Vincent Martin explain Meniere’s disease…

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Vestibular Migraine

June 2020, Episode 61: Dr. Vincent Martin and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel discuss Vestibular Migraine. Do you experience dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness? You could be experiencing Vestibular Migraine.  

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Physical Therapy for Headache Disorders

March 2020, Episode 50: The first of our two-part series on PT and headache disorders. Here Dr. Lindsay Weitzel discusses the role of PT in controlling migraine, cervicogenic headache, and dizziness/vestibular troubles with Mark Greco, Physical Therapist and Manager of…

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Cooking with the Dizzy Cook

February 2020, Episode 45: Alicia Wolf is a person navigating her life with vestibular migraine. She learned that dietary changes helped her manage her disease. This led her to become a self-taught chef and publish a cookbook that would be…

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