Dr. Merle Diamond discusses the legacy of her father, Dr. Seymour Diamond. Dr. Seymour Diamond was a world-renowned leader in headache medicine. In addition, he was an extraordinary advocate for those experiencing migraine disease and other chronic forms of headache. Above all, Dr. Seymour Diamond was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather.

As a family practitioner with a keen interest in research, he started his trek in headache medicine in 1964 with an article and poster on “Depressive Headache.” Dr. Diamond never looked back and went on to become an officer in the American Association for the Study of Headache (now the American Headache Society) and founded the National Headache Foundation in 1970 to serve patients, their families, and their health care practitioners. He was the Founder and Director Emeritus of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, from which he retired in 2010. Dr. Diamond contributed over 500 articles on headache disorders in the professional literature and was the author and editor of several texts in headache medicine.

A Tribute to the Original Headache Hero – Dr. Seymour Diamond

Dr. Seymour Diamond -A Pioneer in Headache Medicine

Seymour Diamond, M.D., April 15, 1925 – October 11, 2019