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By Bob Wold of Cluster Busters Cluster headaches are an excruciating pain unlike any other, so having an option to end, limit or prevent an attack is an amazing gift to a headache sufferer. One treatment is a prescription for high-flow oxygen, as it has proven...

  At the National Headache Foundation, our mission is to create a world free of headache, and any associated pain and suffering. We work towards this vision through awareness, advocacy, education, and research. Under the research umbrella specifically, we support clinical research into potential headache causes...

Guest blog by Ashley S. Hattle. You can view this and other posts on her cluster headache blog. You know you have cluster headaches. It may have taken months or years, but you finally have an official diagnosis. Hopefully, your neurologist or headache specialist already wrote...

With spring comes warmer weather, rain showers, fresh flowers and the dreaded seasonal allergy symptoms. Frequent sneezing and itchy eyes are common this time of year, and some people may even experience intensified or continual migraine. It’s important to know, however, whether or not ongoing...

There are a seemingly endless amount of headache triggers in the workplace. While simple lifestyle changes can do wonders in preventing these occurrences, you may also need to do a bit of planning ahead. Here are some tips to help strategize and manage headaches during...

Join the National Headache Foundation as we take part in #leakweek, March 4 - 10, 2018. Hosted by the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation, the week-long initiative seeks to shine a light on this often disabling disease, as well help and inform undiagnosed patients. #leakweek 2018 because your...

The flu season is at its peak, and more and more people are becoming susceptible to the contagious virus. With this year’s intense new strain and shortage of effective vaccines, preventing the flu is crucial, especially for those who experience chronic migraine. However, for those...