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Moving away from home to a college dorm is a drastic life change for incoming freshman. The new freedom and responsibility is exciting, by it is also ripe with situations that can induce migraine and headache attacks. From increased stress to new foods and irregular...

Written by Ashley S. Hattle, as originally posted on her blog. If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic or episodic cluster headaches, you’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s a “rare” condition. But, is it? Approximately one in a thousand have cluster headaches, and that number could be higher...

  It is with great sadness that we note the passing of our treasured board member and esteemed colleague, James W. Banks, III, M.D. His kindness and generosity were greatly appreciated by the Board, and his unwavering support of the NHF and its initiatives were outstanding....

There are many resources available to the millions of headache and migraine sufferers, but what about those who care for them? The National Headache Foundation is exhibiting at the Caregiver Action Network’s Caregiver Lunch and Learn to provide new information to migraine caregivers of all...

Question: Why do healthy foods like bananas or yogurt trigger migraine? Anwer: Bananas by themselves are usually not a trigger for migraine, although banana peels have significant amounts of tyramine and could trigger a migraine for migraine patients who are sensitive to tyramine (also found in...

Figuring out exactly what triggers symptoms is one of the ongoing struggles of migraine and headache patients. While no two patients experience migraine the same, there are some general areas of consideration when narrowing down the list. Specific Foods There is a naturally occurring compound called...

Hello my name is Yvonne, Migraines have affected me all of my life, my "Menace 2 Migraines" started decades ago in my teen years. Because there was very little information about migraines at the time, my parents had no idea what was taking place in my...