My constant daily headaches began 36-years ago and they continue. The onset was sudden and I remember the day very well with extreme pain one evening. My head has constant pressure 24/7 from the occipital area to the top of my head. As the day goes on, eye pressure pain builds as the headache tends to worsen. I always feel like I have a vice on my head…squeezing my skull and neck muscles. Sometimes, the intense pain is felt before I even open my eyes in the morning, but typically the pain grows stronger as the day goes on. I AM NEVER WITHOUT PAIN!

No prescription migraine meds work for me, nor do anti-depressants, calcium channel blockers, caffeine, and etc. No over the counter pain killers work except Percogesic sold over the counter. This helps me get to sleep and tends to break the severe cycle if it is really intense at night. If I go to bed with intense pain, I will wake up with exactly the same intensity. I’ve tried acupuncture, chiropractic, and a gamut of approaches, including diet changes, etc. I have had allergy tests and sinus checks, MRI’s, and complete skull series X-rays. I’ve been to several neurologists who just put me on more drugs with major side effects. Nothing works. Pain is a part of my everyday life and so I stay as busy as possible to keep my mind off of it. I don’t use any pain meds except the Percogesic and that is once or twice a week. I just have to grin and bear it all day until bedtime since the Percogesic has a muscle relaxant and puts me to sleep. After studying what’s on the internet, I’m leaning toward the C-2 radiculopathy as a potential diagnosis. How on earth could I afford a surgery and travel across the country? No help in site for me.