Alcohol and Headache

Alcohol and Headache

  Beverages such as liquor, wine, and beer, contain a chemical called ethanol. There are a number of ways that ethanol may be triggering migraine episodes. First, ethanol is a direct vasodilator; in some individuals, vasodilation or the dilatation of blood vessels…

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Light and Headache Disorders: Understanding Light Triggers and Photophobia

“Wearing sunglasses indoors is increasing your sensitivity to light.” My wife and I were floored when her headache specialist made this statement. Chronic migraine had made her so sensitive to light that she had to wear sunglasses indoors. During an…

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Liv Ash

Liv-ing With Cluster Headache

I am a 40-year-old attorney, teacher, and wellbeing professional who continues to model, paint, and exercise…despite managing chronic cluster headache. Do what you can with what you have; you are your own best advocate.

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Share Your Story for MHAM21

More than 40 million people in the United States live with migraine disease and a half million are diagnosed with Cluster Headache. Yet those who have these diseases often feel isolated and alone. National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month are…

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Heads UP – Episode 81: Study Data on Psilocybin and Treatment for Migraine

Researchers out of Yale just published a small study on the use of psilocybin in a group of patients with migraine. Survey data and anecdotal reports have previously shown psilocybin to be helpful in cluster headache. Why might it be…

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Heads UP – Episode 80: Disability Benefits and Headache Disorders

Have you tried to get social security disability benefits for migraine or headache disorders? If so, you know how difficult and frustrating the process is for people living with migraine disease and headache disorders. Don’t miss this episode of Heads…

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Ask the Expert: What is a migraine?

Q and A with Dr. Merle Diamond, president and managing director of Diamond Headache Clinic, and board member of the National Headache Foundation What causes headache? Headache is due to traction, pulling, or pressure on any pain-sensitive structure in the…

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Headfirst Newsletter October 2020 Cover

October 2020 HEADFIRST Newsletter


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Heads UP – Episode 70: Devices to Treat Migraine Disease and Cluster Headache

Many people like to include devices in their treatment plans because they are non-invasive and have low side-effect profiles. In this week’s episode of Heads Up, Dr. Tim Smith and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel discuss and demonstrate four of the devices…

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Treatment Access During a Pandemic

Are you experiencing and interruption in your Botox treatment due to COVID-19 restrictions? Are you wondering what to do if you do not have access to trigger point injections or an infusion center in case your intense migraine lasts 3…

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First Responder Now Advocating for Cluster Headache

Joe McKay, 52, a husband and father of two, is a retired New York City firefighter who was a first responder to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. In the spring of 2002, Joe was at work in Brooklyn when…

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Heads UP – Episode 28: Living With Cluster Headache

Ashley Hattle-Cleminshaw and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel discuss Ashley’s compelling story of living with Cluster Headache in Episode 28 of Heads UP.

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