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John’s Migraine Relief Story

I had migraines for 45 years.  Sometime, my migraines lasted 3-6 days at a time.   Most migraines lasted only a day.  They typically hit me overnight and I’d wake in pain.  Nauseous, sensitive to light, humidity, and noise was a norm.  I preferred to be in a dark cool room with a fan circulating air.  Five years ago, I was hospitalized after suffering from a migraine for 6 straight days.  My blood pressure was through the roof.  I spent 5 days in the ICU trying to get my blood pressure down and get relief from the migraine.  After a month on medication for blood pressure and migraines, I have not had a single migraine in 5 years.  I’m also taking a beta blocker which I believe is key to the disappearance of my migraines.

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