Headache Heroes

2020 Headache Heroes Award Winners

To celebrate the National Headache Foundation’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to recognize four Headache Heroes who have made a difference in migraine and headache awareness, research, medicine, advocacy, and patient care.


Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations! We received many wonderful submissions and our Gala Committee had the difficult job of narrowing down the four winners. The four Headache Heroes award winners will be honored at our virtual Gala on October 24, 2020.


Congratulations and from all of us at the National Headache Foundation, we sincerely thank you for all you do!


Healthcare Provider Winner: Steven Herzog, MD, Medical Director of the Headache Institute at Texas Neurology, is a healthcare provider who knows firsthand the debilitating effects of migraine and headache disease. His experience leads to deeper connections with his patients that result in his office going above and beyond for those with migraine and headache disease when they need it most.


Patient Winner: Danielle Fancher has been living with chronic migraine for 12 years and in October 2013 began experiencing constant migraine pain. She has not let this stop her from achieving a successful career, speaking at Miles for Migraine and publishing a memoir, 10: A Memoir of Migraine Survival for which she received a 2019 Special Advocacy Award from the Association of Migraine Disorders.


Caregiver Winner: Dennis Rotondi has partnered with his wife for her care since 2007. Their experience has led him to become an advocate for migraine and headache disease including attending Headache on the Hill, volunteering and presenting at Retreat Migraine and working on the GHLF caregiver resource guide.


Advocate Winner: Eileen Brewer has dedicated countless hours to the success of Retreat Migraine and is credited for working tirelessly through her own migraine disease to better the lives of those around her. Nominators noted Eileen is a true warrior and pillar of the community. Eileen’s advocacy efforts have also helped those experiencing cluster headaches. In addition to organizing the annual ClusterBuster’s conference, Eileen is the president of the organization.

2020 Headache Heroes Nominees

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination for the 2020 Headache Heroes. We applaud this extraordinary group of healthcare providers, patients, caregivers, and advocates.


Healthcare Provider Nominees: Dr. George Nissan, Dr. Brian Sorin, Dr. Charles Matthews, Viktoria Zatkalik, NP-C , North Texas Institute of Neurology & Headache, Dr. Shin Beh, Dr. Lawrence Robbins, Dr. Wade Cooper, Dr. Gary Shapero, Susan Hutchinson, Jo Bonner, Dr. Peter McAllister, Dr. Susan Whitt, Dr. Leigh Gressley, Dr. Alan Finkel, Dr. Robert Waldrop, Dr. Randolph Evans, Dr. Zachary Lewton, Jaime Conway, Dr. Roderick Spears, Tara Pezzuto, Christina Treppendahl, Casey Ward, Dr. William Young, Dr Muhammad Qasim Zurmatai


Patient Nominees: Joseph T., Rosa S., Katelyn P., Dale F., Elisha S., Crystal F., Abby R., Chelsea R., Moira W., Annie T.


Caregiver Nominees: Andrea F., Matthew D., Zach F. Sheila W., Mary T., John F., Sam B., Aaron D.


Advocate Nominees: Migraine Strong, Laura Cala, Sarah Rathsack, Katie Pearson-Mahaffey, Kellie Pokrifka, Joe McKay, Frank Nunez, Mia Maysack, Joanna Smith ,

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