Heads UP – Episode 121: FMLA and Migraine

Are you aware of your rights as a person with migraine, cluster, or another debilitating headache condition when it comes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? What is the process? How much time is allowable? When do you need to notify your employer? Heads UP has dedicated three episodes to (1) Family and Medical Leave Act, (2) Americans with Disabilities Act, and (3) Social Security Disability for people with headache conditions. This week Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. begins this 3-part series by asking Tom Dabertin, Executive Director and CEO of the National Headache Foundation all the pertinent questions for someone who may need to take time from work for their headache condition, or to care for a loved one for this reason. You may want a pen and paper for this episode on FMLA!