Hi my name is Jessica. I am 25 years old. My Migraines started about 4 years ago when I was driving and all of the sudden, I could not see the road ahead of me. I got an eye exam right away and learned that I had swollen optic nerves, and at that time I had no clue what the doctor was talking about? I received an MRI, a CT scan, an X-ray and they were all fine. I finally saw a neurologist and had a spinal tap. My opening pressure was 38, which is three times the normal spinal fluid pressure. The neurologist told me I had Pseudo Tumor Cerebri, which she explained meant that there was too much spinal fluid around my brain. She put me on a diuretic and told me that eventually I would have to have brain surgery to correct the problem. Since that time two years ago, I have endured 10 spinal taps and one major brain surgery in October of this year. 2010. That Did Not Correct The Problem!

Ct-scan A CT Scan is short for computerized axial tomography of the brain. It utilizes x-rays which are combined by a computer into a single picture. This process enables the physician to obtain a series of pictures of the brain without invading the brain itself. It is used primarily to rule out organic disease such as a tumor or bleeding in the brain as a cause of the headache problem. A CT Scan can be performed with or without dye. The dye may enhance the detection of a brain tumor or a blood clot. The dye is iodine based so it must be used with caution in those with allergy to these agents. It is more sensitive than MRI scans for detecting acute bleeding on the brain. However, the MRI scan is useful for looking at other brain conditions and takes pictures at different angles than the CT. The MRI does not use x-ray or iodine dye.