Join Lawrence Robbins, MD as he leads a discussion on the art of finding the correct headache treatment. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 7:00pm EDT.

About Deconstructing the Art of Headache Medicine

Every headache patient is unique. The “top ten” medicine list for one person differs for everyone. There is no good algorithm that tells headache care providers where to go with treatment.  In this talk, Dr. Lawrence Robbins will break down and describe how healthcare providers should go about choosing different headache treatments for each patient. There are about 50 variables that go into the decision-making process. These include, among others: the type of headache, location of the pain, how severe, presence of neurological symptoms, nausea, how quickly they progress, medical history, psychiatric conditions, other related syndromes such as IBS, fibromyalgia, and whether there is neck pain, back pain, or arthritis; also, the person’s job requirements, social aspects such as support system, financial situations (can they afford more expensive treatments, such as Botox), family history, previous reactions to medicines, and a number of other factors. Dr. Robbins will break down how each of these may influence the healthcare provider’s decision.

About the Presenter: Lawrence Robbins, MD

Lawrence Robbins, MD is considered to be one of the top 10 experts in the country on management of headache medication. He also is a leader in the field on “refractory” headaches: those that are difficult to treat. He started the American Headache Society section on refractory headaches, and has written as much on the topic as anyone in the world.

Doctor Robbins has spearheaded cutting edge research, ranging from the immune system in headache patients to Botox for headache. He was one of the first to recognize how headaches can be linked to anxiety and bipolar disorder. He remains one of the few headache doctors who treat psychological disorders.