We are thrilled to introduce you to Dark Milk White (DMW) personalized chocolate bark. This generous small business has a very sweet outlook on charitable giving! During Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, DMW will be donating a percentage of their sales to the National Headache Foundation. Check out the delicious chocolate barks created for MHAM2021 or create your very own. Show your support for this wonderful business and help the NHF in the process.


Dark Milk White (DMW) is the customizable chocolate bar store for chocolate lovers who value personalization and Instagram-able experiences. They are the Cold Stone of chocolate bars. Like others, they are passionate about their food and recognize that it is most enjoyed with others and as an experience. But – not everyone can always find an option that they will be happy with or can physically eat due to allergies or other health related limitations and restrictions. DMW has unlimited, personalized options to ensure that each one of their customers can have that shared and delicious experience.

Founder Issy  Berkey is a USC Marshall MBA graduate with a focus in finance and entrepreneurship and over 10 years of hospitality and retail experience. Currently she works as an Assistant Vice President in Wealth Management at Stifel Financial in NYC, where she demonstrates her love for business, financial markets and of course, her client-first mentality. As a varsity soccer athlete at Johns Hopkins University, she learned how to leverage her competitive spirit and ambitious attitude to every part of her professional and personal life. With multiple food allergies and therefore frustratingly limited options to satisfy her sweet-tooth, Issy identified this new concept when she recognized the need for more personalized dessert options. Through her collective experiences, she has developed a passion for new experiences through food, and, most importantly, chocolate.

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