Q. I'm starting to notice a couple of changes with my migraines and wonder if these are common. One is that I am getting mini-cluster headaches once or twice a day, 2 or 3 days before a big migraine attack, and the other is nausea with no migraine pain. I typically get the nausea after the migraine pain has begun, but is it possible it can switch?

Q. I feel like every afternoon around the same time I experience a burning sensation that begins at the right side of my forehead and crosses to the left side. It surrounds my eyebrows and eyelids. It’s not dissimilar from the sensation of sunburn, but the best way to describe it is tightness in the forehead. It can cause my eyelids to burn and swell and exacerbate my dry-eye problem. At times, I experience a sharp dagger-like pain in my right eye and under the brow bone. The whole thing lasts about three hours. A CT scan of my sinuses was clear. Is this description consistent with cluster headaches?

Cluster headache refers to the characteristic grouping or clustering of attacks. Cluster headaches may also be known as histamine headache, red migraine, Horton’s headache, and cephalalgia or sphenopalatine neuralgia. The headache periods can last several weeks or months, and then disappear completely for months or years leaving considerable amounts of pain-free intervals between series.

Migraine made bigger than usual headlines recently after a study indicating that sex may be helpful in relieving migraine pain appeared in the journal Cephalalgia. While some of the headlines were clearly meant to grab attention, the science behind the study and its findings may prove valuable for many migraineurs. While most individuals with migraine and cluster headache do not engage in sexual activity during a headache attack, the findings suggest that sexual activity, orgasm in particular, can provide partial or complete relief of headache pain in some migraine and a few cluster headache patients.

Q. For the past year, off and on, and for the past three months continuously, I have had headache/dizziness related to the sensation of clogged ears. Per the advice of an ear, nose and throat specialist, I  do a saline sinus rinse, take a dose of Flonase, and I breathe steam with eucalyptus oil on a daily basis. I put a humidifier on my CPAP. I have also tried Sudafed, Claritin and Coricidin with no relief.  I am miserable, and the condition disturbs my sleep. Is there any hope for me? 

Q. My son suffers from terrible cluster headaches. I read about a rechargeable battery-powered electrode device that is the size of a matchstick and is being called the latest headache cure. When implanted in the back of the neck, it sends signals that reduce the pain by as much as 95% for patients with chronic headaches. Can this device be used to treat people who suffer from cluster headaches?

I have suffered migraine headaches with severe neck pain for 36 years. I started getting headaches at age 12, and I’ve been diagnosed with migraine, cluster, tension and rebound headaches. I have tried diet, biofeedback, meditation, massage, chiropractic care, Reiki, and even Botox, which did help the headaches in the back of my neck, but insurance does not pay for the injections, and they are very expensive. I have also tried every medication there is for the last 36 years. I am now on Fiorocet, Maxalt, Imitrex, Ultram and Vicodin. Imitrex works the best for the migraine, but you can only take so many each month, and the Fioricet helps the tension headaches, but now I’m taking them daily. When I do get rid of the headache it always seems to come right back before I go to sleep. I cannot sleep due to the pain; I have to take Ambien daily to get any sleep. I had to give up my career due to this excruciating nightmare pain.