Heads UP – Episode 116: Treating Migraine With Infusions

Heads UP – Episode 116: Treating Migraine With Infusions – In this week’s episode of Heads UP Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. discusses infusions with Dr. Merle Diamond, MD. What infusions are used to break a migraine cycle and why? What medicines…

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think talk treat migraine

Heads UP – Episode 114: Think Talk Treat Migraine

Dr. Lindsay Weitzel welcomed Dr. Bert Vargas to discuss Think Talk Treat Migraine (or the T3 Program for short) sponsored by Eli Lilly. It is a well-documented fact that migraine is an underdiagnosed condition and that even people who are…

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Heads UP – Episode 108: Alcohol-Related Headache

Is it a migraine triggered by alcohol? Or is it a hangover? Tricks to prevent and stop alcohol-related headache during the holidays. In this episode of Heads UP – Lindsay Weitzel, Ph.D. talks to Merle Diamond, MD, AQH about the…

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NHF ‘Heads UP’ Podcast Reaches Centennial Episode Milestone

By Tom Dabertin Podcast viewers who want to learn more about migraine and headache disorders look forward to the weekly “Heads UP” podcast hosted by Lindsay Weitzel, and on September 8th her 100th episode will air for the National Headache…

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Heads UP – Episode 90: What to do when people don’t understand your disease

Do you have people in your life who simply do not understand your migraine or headache disorder? These people can be family members, friends, work colleagues, or even your boss. Dr. Dawn Buse and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel have a candid…

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Heads UP – Episode 78: Medical Update on Nocira

In this episode of Heads UP, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel talks with Dr. Tim Smith about Nocira, the latest device being trialed for migraine treatment. This interesting device works with your smartphone and utilizes puffs of air into your ear through…

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work stigma

Heads UP -Episode 76: Migraine Stigma, Disability, and Workplace Discrimination

In Episode 76 of Heads UP, Dr. Robert Shapiro talks to Dr. Lindsay Weitzel about the stigma and workplace discrimination experienced by people with migraine and other headache disorders. Do you know what the “legitimacy deficit” is in reference to…

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Heads up Medical update

Heads UP – Episode 72: Medical Update – VYEPTI

Medication Update – Lundebeck has issued a press release on their latest migraine medication – Vyepti. It is great news for those of us living with migraine disease. Dr. Tim Smith and Dr. Lindsay Weitzel discuss what the latest data…

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woman pregnant with headache

Heads UP- Episode 71: Botox, Migraine Disease, and Pregnancy

Botox is not indicated for use in pregnancy. This puts many women who are prescribed Botox for chronic migraine in a difficult position when it comes time for them to start a family. Data has just been reported from the…

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Heads UP – Episode 69: New Drug Data Alert – Atogepant

New data was revealed this month on the upcoming gepant indicated for migraine prevention called Atogepant. Dr. Lindsay Weitzel questions Dr. Tim Smith about its safety and effectiveness in Episode 69 of Heads UP. How will we take it and…

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Heads UP – Episode 67: Migraine for Yoga

Does yoga help your migraine disorder? Has it ever made it worse? A recent study published in Neurology showed that yoga can decrease the frequency and severity of migraine attacks when it is used as part of your care plan….

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Heads UP – Episode 66 – Changes to Migraine Disease During Menopause

Episode 66 of Heads UP addresses what to expect from your migraine pattern in perimenopause and menopause and what to do about it. Do you know how your migraine pattern might change as you enter perimenopause and menopause? Do you…

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