Sinus Headache is rarely disabling and is rarely associated with nausea, light or sound sensitivity — with the exceptions being sphenoid and chronic sinusitis.

However, migraine is often misdiagnosed as sinus headache because they share some common symptoms and each may respond to Excedrin or Benadryl. This was demonstrated in a research study by Schreiber CP et al. (2004) that showed an overwhelming 80% of their patients with self-described or physician-diagnosed “sinus headache” experienced headaches with symptoms fulfilling IHS criteria for migraine. This result from a large, multicenter, clinic-based study suggests that migraine headaches can be commonly mistaken for sinus headaches.

In this Webinar, Wade Cooper, D.O., Program Director of the Headache and Neuropathic Pain Clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan will be joining us to discuss Allergy and Migraine. Doctor Cooper was the 2013 recipient of the NHF Lectureship for his presentation on Allergy and Migraine: The Role of Mast Cells, and will be sharing his findings during this presentation.

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